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The Outlaws set includes 33 acrylic, top-down tokens and comes with digital versions, each in three color variations, for use on your favorite VTT platform.

Assassin, female, Assassin, male, Bandit Captain, female, Bandit Captain, male, Berserker, female x2, Berserker, male x2, Cult Fanatic, female x2, Cult Fanatic, male x2, Cultist, female x2, Cultist, male x2, Spy, female, Spy, male, Thug, female x2, Thug, male x3, Werebear x2, Wereboar x2, Wererat x2, Weretiger x2, Werewolf x2 (medium)



33 Arcylic and Digital tokens for your RPG Sessions (All are medium size tokens):

  • Assassin, female
  • Assassin, male
  • Bandit Captain, female
  • Bandit Captain, male
  • Berserker, female x2
  • Berserker, male x2
  • Cult Fanatic, female x2
  • Cult Fanatic, male x2
  • Cultist, female x2
  • Cultist, male x2
  • Spy, female
  • Spy, male
  • Thug, female x2
  • Thug, male x3
  • Werebear x2
  • Wereboar x2
  • Wererat x2
  • Weretiger x2
  • Werewolf x2


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