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Undead Acrylic Tokens


The Undead set includes 31 acrylic tokens for your RPG Sessions.

Will-o’-Wisp x2 (tiny)

Ghast, Ghost, Ghoul x2, Lich, Mummy, Mummy Lord, Shadow x2, Skeleton, melee x2, Skeleton, ranged x2, Specter, Vampire Spawn x2, Vampire, female, Vampire, male, Wight, Wraith, Zombie, lunging x2, Zombie, reaching x2 (medium)

Minotaur Skeleton x2, Ogre Zombie x2, Warhorse Skeleton (large)

IMPORTANT: The physical acrylic tokens will not be sent out until July 2024, but the digital versions can be downloaded immediately after purchase.



31 acrylic tokens for your RPG Sessions:

  • Ghast (medium)
  • Ghost (medium)
  • Ghoul x2 (medium)
  • Lich (medium)
  • Minotaur Skeleton x2 (large)
  • Mummy (medium)
  • Mummy Lord (medium)
  • Ogre Zombie x2 (large)
  • Shadow x2 (medium)
  • Skeleton, melee x2 (medium)
  • Skeleton, ranged x2 (medium)
  • Specter (medium)
  • Vampire Spawn x2 (medium)
  • Vampire, female (medium)
  • Vampire, male (medium)
  • Warhorse Skeleton (large)
  • Wight (medium)
  • Will-o’-Wisp x2 (tiny)
  • Wraith (medium)
  • Zombie, lunging x2 (medium)
  • Zombie, reaching x2 (medium)


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