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Seeds of Decay

Seeds of Decay

Battle the terrible darkness that has come to the forest in this 5e source book, adventure campaign and bestiary!

Seeds of Decay features dozens of new hero options, a new foraging and contraption building system, and wonderous new magic items. There’s even rules for playing tiny characters! 

Seeds of Decay is a must have supplement for your 5th Edition library.

Seeds of Decay is a campaign setting for 5E by acclaimed fantasy artist and game designer Darryl T. Jones. 

Heroes of the forest must come together, to save their home from falling into ruin. Rot and decay are spreading at an alarming rate, threatening the lives of all who live there. Terrible creatures twisted by decay hunt any who call the light their friend.

The Alwaysgreen Forest was a lush and land, full of ancient, towering trees; magical, life-giving waters; and deep crystal lined caves. It was teeming with life and magic. Now, the forest is starting to die without explanation. Crops of new trees and fruit fail to mature. With each withered leaf, hope is lost.

The forest needs heroes! Will you answer the call?

The awakened Woodkin, the majestic Deeret, Goblins, Ratkind, Dobbers of all traditions, and many more call it their home. Dobbers are the most populous. They are friends to the forest, belonging to it and it to them as a leaf does to a tree. 

Be inspired like you were when you first discovered 5e with never seen before character options!

  • 10 new races
  • Forest creature race building system
  • 3 new classes and 6 new subclasses
  • 30+ New spells
  • 30+ New magic items
  • 40+ New monsters

Gaming Tools

Whether you’re a new GM or a seasoned pro, Seeds of Decay has several tools to help your table run smoothly.

  • GM Screen
  • Class Reference Cards
  • Animated Spell Cards
  • Custom Character Sheets
  • Printed Foldout Maps

 Contraptions & Foraging

Seeds of Decay features a new system for building wonderful Contraptions and tools.  Contraptions start as plans that certain classes (like our Tinkerer) can learn.  All that they need to build them is time and materials. Imagine throwing boom sticks, firing an automatically reloading cross bow or designing complex traps!

Some materials needed for contraptions can be found by Foraging. In addition to being super useful for building contraptions, it can be applied to the components for spell casting!

The Twisted Bestiary is a jam packed compendium of creatures and monsters from real life and legend that have been twisted by the terrible decay that has spread throughout the Alwaysgreen Forest.