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Characters in the Alwaysgreen Forest

Characters in the Alwaysgreen Forest

The Dobberton capitol city is full, busy and the center of commerce in the region. Depending on your class, you may have trained at a school there. Of course, apprenticeships can happen anywhere a master is willing to teach. There are several small villages around the capitol that are within the kingdom boundaries.

Note on Humans: They are like Unicorns. Some Dobbers believe in them, most don’t. No one has ever seen one. If you catch one it will grant you wishes. The amount of wishes varies from story to story. Most of the time they are just added to children stories to add humor or danger, as they are known as large, slow and stupid, usually destroying everything in their path.

Character Options


Fighter – Maybe you’re training to be in the Kingdom guard. Maybe you’re just a tough guy, trained to fight by a friend or family member.

Bard – Dobberton is famous for celebrations and festivals for every season and important date in history. Entertainers are in high demand. The Queen wants to keep the people happy.

Rogue – It’s illegal to steal in Dobberton. There is no thieves guild… that’s just made thieves all the more careful.

Wizard – The use of magic is discouraged within the Kingdom limits, though not expressly illegal. You keep your magic a closely guarded secret.

Druid – A life of solitude in the forest guides a Druid. They use their magic to protect, commune with and recently, heal their home.

Ranger – Your backstory would start outside of the city, either a Sylvan Dobber or for some reason trained by them.

Order of the Blue Star (Paladin) – Every little dobber dreams of growing up to be one of the Kings personal guards and wearing the Blue Star. All of the best heroes from the best stories were in the wore the blue star. The last king, Quillon (Father to the current king) was famously a Blue Star knight before he became king.

Cleric – They are uncommon, keeping their training and skills secret to the common dobber. They serve the King and the Order of the Blue Star directly.

Barbarian – The fiercest of the Rat warriors. Feared by most Dobbers.

Shepherd Circle (Druid) – Selineus Shepherd as they are formally called are the guardians of the forest. Powers of the shepherd manifest in different ways, earth, air and water. Theoretically, one could shepherd decay… but that would go against all the forest stands for.

When building your character, you may want to add spells from the Dobbers spell book and unique equipment!