BBEG #5- Slaad

Download these FREE tokens using the linked zip file at the bottom of THE ORIGINAL PATREON POST. Hello Adventurers! I don’t know what fauna is active where you live right now, but I can’t hardly step outside without seeing frogs. And what a chorus...

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Swamp Cave map

Follow THIS LINK to the original Patreon post. The swamp cave map above is the home to a Moss Boar! The wild beast has been terrorizing a near village in the Alwaysgreen Forest. Some of the farms have lost livestock and the only clue...

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There is a land, cold and white. A vast desert of snow and ice. Families of phennik burrow under the ice and tundra, making their homes. The families are large, but don’t usually extend past 2 generations within one burrow. The young move out...

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Within the kingdom’s capital of Dobberton, the great Blue River flows through and around the Prime Tree. The first tree of the forest provides life to these flowing currents, often with unpredictable results. One quality is known; it gives intelligence and understanding to many...

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For generations the Rat Claw Clan have covered the Dreary Mountains like a thick gunge. They’ve raided the goblins of the Gorgwin Mountains taking what they like and killing anyone in their way. Their disregard for life and civilization have cast fear over the...

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Further South than any Alwaysgreen Dobber has ever traveled there was a great sea, dotted with islands. This archipelago was home to the Mohkgaarb. They lived in harmony with the land and sea forming a unique peaceful symbiosis. These reptilian creatures aren’t terribly industrious,...

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Dobbers are the most common race in the Alwaysgreen Forest. If you choose to play a common Dobber you will be from within the Dobberton Kingdom. Physique: Dobbers are small creatures. They are often described as three apples tall, though in truth, they are...

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Goblin ancestry goes back further than memory. They are found throughout the world, their influence felt in each culture. They congregate in great cities of commerce adding to it, their shrewd craftiness. While they consider themselves quite adaptable to any culture, their native culture...

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Introduction to The Dobbers

The Alwaysgreen Forest is a lush, beautiful land and the home of the Dobbers. However, there is trouble in the forest. Things are starting to die without explanation. Crops of new trees and fruit fail to mature. Most of Dobberton isn’t worried, only the...

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