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Subterranean Acrylic Tokens


The Subterranean set includes 33 acrylic tokens for your RPG Sessions.

Darkmantle, Deep Gnome, female x2, Deep Gnome, male x2 (small)

Duergar, female x2, Duergar, male x2, Elf, Drow, female x2, Elf, Drow, male, Gibbering Mouther, Gray Ooze x2, Grick, Grimlock, Mimic, Rust Monster x2 (medium)

Black Pudding x2, Bulette, Cloaker, Drider, Gelatinous Cube, Minotaur x2, Ochre Jelly x2, Otyugh, Roper x2 (large)

IMPORTANT: The physical acrylic tokens will not be sent out until July 2024, but the digital versions can be downloaded immediately after purchase.



33 acrylic tokens for your RPG Sessions:

  • Black Pudding x2 (large)
  • Bulette (large)
  • Cloaker (large)
  • Darkmantle (small)
  • Deep Gnome, female x2 (small)
  • Deep Gnome, male x2 (small)
  • Drider (large)
  • Duergar, female x2 (medium)
  • Duergar, male x2 (medium)
  • Elf, Drow, female x2 (medium)
  • Elf, Drow, male (medium)
  • Gelatinous Cube (large)
  • Gibbering Mouther (medium)
  • Gray Ooze x2 (medium)
  • Grick (medium)
  • Grimlock (medium)
  • Mimic (medium)
  • Minotaur x2 (large)
  • Ochre Jelly x2 (large)
  • Otyugh (large)
  • Roper x2 (large)
  • Rust Monster x2 (medium)


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