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— Manufacturing Update —

As we transition from fulfillment through Backerkit to retail, Dobbers: Quest for the Key will temporarily be unavailable for purchase. The game will be available through game stores and direct from our online store sometime in August. 

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Dobbers: Quest for the Key is a surprisingly deep and meaty deck building, RPG adventure. Each player equips their hero with special weapons, armor and item cards, while creating challenges for the other players with monster and location cards. Game-play is deceptively simple and allows for numerous strategies for you and your friends and you race to be the first to reach the magical key at the end of the game board.

The Alwaysgreen Forest is a lush, beautiful land and the home of the Dobbers. However, there is trouble in the forest. Things are starting to die without explanation. Crops of new trees and fruit fail to mature. Rot and decay fill the streams and ponds. But few in Dobberton have noticed.

In Dobbers: Quest for the Key, you play a hero who has stumbled upon the cause of the spreading rot, an evil wood sprite who seeks a magical key. You must find the key first and stop the Wood Sprite from releasing decay across the whole forest. Move your Hero from location to location across the board, racing your opponents to the final space, the Key. The player to get to the key first, will save the Dobberton Kingdom.

Stories will be told of your heroic deeds for generations!

Each turn you will play cards from your hand, equipping your hero and creating effects that gain Influence Points, and Action Points . Other cards grant you effects such as drawing extra cards or forcing an opponent to discard from their hand. Influence, most commonly Bottle Caps, is used to acquire new cards for your deck and to place Challenge cards on the board in front of your opponent(s). Action Points are used to Travel and overcome any placed Challenge cards. The cards you have available and the Challenges placed on the board make for a constantly evolving game with surprises at every turn.

What is Dobbers: Quest for the Key?

An Epic and Highly Competitive Game

In Dobbers: Quest for the Key, you race your opponents across a board of changing and unpredictable adventure! You face the constant tension between building your personal deck, making your hero stronger than your opponents and placing new challenges on the board in front of them.

An Adventure with Surprises in Every Turn

The challenges placed on the game board are placed face down. You won’t know what your Hero faces until you move to a space with a challenge stack and reveal the card’s effects. The mystery is intensely intriguing. Do you remember what creature your opponent bought last? Where did he or she put it. Did you notice that challenge stack also had a weapon on it? What is it? You won’t know until you move to that square and reveal the contents.

A Roller-Coaster of Fun

You finally have enough influence to acquire Flame, the fire wielding sword from the Adventure row! Yes! You place it in your discard pile to be shuffled into your personal deck and sit back with satisfaction, knowing it will soon be in your hand. In your revelry you failed to notice the new Location card, Castle Walls, on the board, directly in front of your hero! And there’s a creature under it with a weapon. How did your opponent sneak that out there? What creature is under it? Your only hope is that Flame gets to your hand as soon as possible.

A Game of Simple Mechanics with Deep Strategy

The mechanics are straight forward, as a deck building game, you use influence to acquire new cards for your personal deck and to place challenges on the board! You use action points to move your hero on the board and overcome placed challenges. The complexity comes when you consider which locations you place on the board and what combination of creatures, weapons and items will best slow down your opponent. Not to mention, what is the best combination of equipment that will ensure your hero has all the influence and action points he or she will need to reach the key first!

Choose Your Hero

Equip your Hero

– Use weapons, armor and items to make your hero stronger.

Collect Effects

– Effects improve your turn-by-turn play by filling your personal deck with more action points, more influence and special ways to disrupt your opponents!

Build Challenges

– Place locations on the game board to block your opponents. Add a hidden creature under the location card and give those creatures weapons, armor and items.


– Use action points to move your hero along the board. Each square represents a point in your epic journey. Watch out for the large location squares where challenges await!

Charge into Battle

– You’ve landed on a large square with a stack of cards! It’s time to see what challenge awaits your hero. Flip over the cards, read the text on each and add up the action points on those cards. Does your hero have enough to win?

Alignments in the Alwaysgreen Forest

Your hero can gain powerful bonuses by grouping cards from the same Alignment.

Claim Victory

– Be the first to overcome the challenge stack on the last large square on the game board! You’ve reached the key first and have saved Dobberton from the evil Wood Sprite getting the key and unleashing rot upon the forest.

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