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Seeds of Decay: New Subclasses


Swing through the trees as a brutal assassin, the Vine Walker Rogue. Harness the energy that lies in between life and death as an Order of Rot Wizard.

IMPORTANT: The hardcover book will not be sent out until June 2024. The digital PDF will be available by 12/24/2023.


Vine Walker Roguish Archetype

There is something about them, the way they grow, and climb, and grasp. They can be delicate and bright with life; or old and thick, relentlessly stubborn. They spring from the ground when you’re not looking to choke out your garden. They spread from earth to leaf to tree, connecting an ever growing, suffocating web. Vines are a perfect assassin.

Order of Rot Arcane Tradition

The essence of magic permeates both life and death. As the circle of life, death and decay progresses, a unique form of magic is released by the decay. There is a certain tranquility you gain by understanding the cycle of life. The closer you draw to it, the more you hunger for it. It is from the decay that your life thrives. It is in between death and life that you find power.


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