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Rules for Playing Tiny Characters in 5th Edition


Creatures that occupy a space less than 2 1/2′ x 2 1/2′ are Tiny in 5th Edition and deserve some love! Now you can play Tiny characters and truly know what it feels like to overcome impossible odds.

IMPORTANT: The hardcover book will not be sent out until June 2024. The digital PDF will be available by 12/24/2023.


No one likes finding a bear wandering through their cucumber patch, especially when that bear towers over you like a mountain! Being tiny is perfect for having a debate with a chipmunk, but puts you at a serious disadvantage against the vast array of large hostile creatures in the world.

The Alwaysgreen Forest is full of tiny creatures. When playing a tiny creature one must keep in mind the impact of battling and moving around creatures that may be much larger and in many cases, much stronger.


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