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Player options for Forest Animals in 5e: The Woodkin


New options for playing Forest Creatures in 5th Edition. Includes several new racial options and a unique system for creating your own animals!

IMPORTANT: The hardcover book will not be sent out until June 2024. The digital PDF will be available by 12/24/2023.


The great Blue River flows through and around the Prime Tree. The first tree of the forest provides life to these flowing currents, often with unpredictable results. One quality is known; the water gives intelligence and understanding to many forest creatures that otherwise would not have it. These are known as Woodkin.

How the Blue River’s water chooses which creatures gain knowledge and understanding is not known. Nor do they know why some trees that grow along its banks suddenly uproot, gaining the ability to walk and talk. What is known is that woodkin are just as much a part of Dobberton as the Dobbers themselves.


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