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Mounts & Giant Animals Acrylic Tokens


The Mounts & Giant Animals set includes 18 acrylic tokens for your RPG Sessions.

Giant Rat (small)

Giant Badger, Giant Weasel, Mule, Pony (medium)

Camel, Draft Horse, Giant Bat, Giant Boar, Giant Eagle, Giant Goat, Giant Hyena, Giant Owl, Giant Vulture, Riding Horse, Warhorse (large)

Giant Ape, Giant Elk (huge)

IMPORTANT: The physical acrylic tokens will not be sent out until July 2024, but the digital versions can be downloaded immediately after purchase.



18 Acrylic Tokens for your RPG Session:

  • Camel (large)
  • Draft Horse (large)
  • Giant Ape (huge)
  • Giant Badger (medium)
  • Giant Bat (large)
  • Giant Boar (large)
  • Giant Eagle (large)
  • Giant Elk (huge)
  • Giant Goat (large)
  • Giant Hyena (large)
  • Giant Owl (large)
  • Giant Rat (small)
  • Giant Vulture (large)
  • Giant Weasel (medium)
  • Mule (medium)
  • Pony (medium)
  • Riding Horse (large)
  • Warhorse (large)


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