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Walking Fungus – 5e monster

Walking Fungus – 5e monster

Gamer Friends!

When I was creating the Dobbers universe, I established the idea that decay was the common enemy. And though decay was the natural counter to growth and life, it had gone out of balance and was beginning to destroy the Alwaysgreen Forest.

I hope you enjoy the stat PDF for: 

  • The standard walking fungus
  • The plague fungus

The Premium Post includes one additional monster, the
Rot Toad! Click here to download it and the exclusive image pack. 

In the image pack you receive:

  • Plague fungus jpg with background
  • Plague fungus transparent png
  • Four plague fungus token variations
  • Walking fungus jpg with background
  • Walking fungus transparent png
  • Four walking fungus token variations

Thank you all so much for your support!

Darryl T. Jones

Follow THIS LINK to the original Patreon post to find the downloads

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As a special thank you I'm going to send you two sample monsters from the book!