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Tokenz – Top-Down Monster Acrylic Tokens

Top-Down Monster Acrylic Tokens

Bring your worlds to life with the beautiful, convenient and versatile acrylic tokens!

  • 10 types of Dragons, each in 4 sizes
  • Hordes of Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds, Gnolls, & Lizardfolk
  • Undead skeletons of all kinds, plus zombies, ghouls, & vampires
  • Dinosaurs & prehistoric beasts
  • Giant sea monsters
  • Subterranean terrors
  • Common animals, mounts, reptiles, & insects
  • NPCs, villagers, warriors, casters, & heroes from tons of different heritages
  • Elementals, Fey, & Fiends
  • Legendary Giants
  • Every creature you need for your adventures!

RPG Essentials offers a new perspective on fantasy gaming minis. These acrylic, top-down tokens are durable, portable, and affordable.

Each monster is illustrated from above so they beautifully and seamlessly integrate into your TTRPG maps.

Acrylic creatures, monsters, heroes and NPCs, cut to shape for easy and immersive use in your tabletop roleplaying games. RPG Essentials gives you all the creatures you need to make your encounters unique and tactically impactful. 

Easy to Use


These acrylic tokens are durable and long lasting. They are thin enough that they can conveniently be stored and taken with you so you can game anywhere!

Get hundreds of beautifully illustrated monsters that are easy to store and carry – at a fraction of the price of unpainted minis!

  • Every illustration is painstakingly detailed by acclaimed fantasy illustrator, Darryl T. Jones.
  • Immersive and dynamic game play has never been easier
  • Bring every encounter to life
  • Enjoy more engaging and tactical combat
  • Fill your dungeons, forests, caves, and cities

You no longer have to use coins to represent creatures in your games! RPG Essentials has monsters for every adventure! All tokens have at least one variant available, such as different equipment or colors. They are beautifully illustrated on durable, flat acrylic so that they are easy to store and carry, all at a fraction of the price of standard minis!

All sets and pledge tiers start with tokens from run A. If a set has x2, the second token will be from run B. If the token has x3, the third token will be from run C. For the pledge tier “2 of Each” one of each token from run A and run B will be included. For “3 of Each” you will get one of each token from all three, runs A, B, and C.