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The Angry Chair – Adventure for APL lv2

The Angry Chair – Adventure for APL lv2

Hello Adventurers,

I promised adventures and I have a fun one for you today! This is the Angry Chair! 

First let me thank MykeMyke who wrote the adventure shortly after a silly conversation about why there aren’t enough chair and sitting character tokens available and toTJ The DM Tool Chest for producing this beautiful PDF! 

I drew the maps and tokens! I hope you all enjoy!

The Angry Chair is a Fifth Edition adventure for three to six characters of 1st to 4th level and is optimized for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 2. Characters who complete this adventure should earn half of the XP required to reach the 3rd level. This adventure takes place in the relatively peaceful town of Krov, where the party finds themselves in a tavern brawl before agreeing to help the owner replace the resulting broken chairs. Little do they know the trouble they’ll find themselves in at The Chairmaker’s shop. This adventure is setting agnostic and easily placed into any existing campaign.

Living Your Best Lives.Times are good for the adventurers. They’ve just come back from a successful (and profitable) enterprise and are enjoying a few well-earned hours of respite in the local tavern. It doesn’t take long before that respite turns into chaos! 

Download the adventure pdf using the link at the bottom of THE ORIGINAL PATREON POST. It includes all the text and maps you need to run this adventure!

The VTT Tokens and Maps are available for easy use on your favorite online platform. To download these, you’ll need to be a patron of Splattered Ink Games.

See the images below for what is available.

Villagers get a gridded and not-gridded version of the first floor of the Friendly Ferret and a gridded and not-gridded version of the second floor of the Chairbler’s Shop. 

Download the Villager’s maps here << 

Shop Keepers get alternate versions of bot the Friendly Ferret and the Chairbler’s Shop. There are also a selection of chair tokens, including THE Angry Chair!

Download the Shop Keepers maps and tokens here << 

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