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Swamp Cave map

Swamp Cave map

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The swamp cave map above is the home to a Moss Boar!  The wild beast has been terrorizing a near village in the Alwaysgreen Forest. Some of the farms have lost livestock and the only clue to worthy adventurers was the finding of a young goat that’s been turned to stone!

The Stone Kid – a full 5e adventure using this map is coming! You won’t want to miss it.

I really enjoyed drawing this map and made several variants. You can see all of them in the image below.

Villager patrons also get a night variant. Download that here! 

Shop Keeper patrons get all the variants, which includes Fae Lights, Rain & Fog and Barren. Download those here! 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Make sure to come back next month. Tree and other forest debre tokens plus all the creatures needed for the coming adventure!

Thanks again, Darryl T. Jones

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