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Angels & Demons


The Angels & Demons set includes 32 acrylic, top-down tokens and comes with digital versions, each in three color variations, for use on your favorite VTT platform.

Imp x2, Quasit (tiny)

Dretch x2 (small)

Barbed Devil x2, Bearded Devil, Chain Devil, Couatl, Deva x2, Erinyes, Hell Hound, Incubus, Lemure, Night Hag, Rakshasa, Succubus (medium)

Angel Warrior, Bone Devil, Glabrezu, Hezrou x2, Horned Devil, Ice Devil, Marilith, Nalfeshnee, Nightmare, Pit Fiend, Vrock (large)

Balor (Huge)



32 Acrylic and Digital Tokens for your RPG sessions:

  • Angel Warrior (large)
  • Balor (huge)
  • Barbed Devil x2 (medium)
  • Bearded Devil (medium)
  • Bone Devil (large)
  • Chain Devil (medium)
  • Couatl (medium)
  • Deva x2 (medium)
  • Dretch x2 (small)
  • Erinyes (medium)
  • Glabrezu (large)
  • Hell Hound (medium)
  • Hezrou x2 (large)
  • Horned Devil (large)
  • Ice Devil (large)
  • Imp x2 (tiny)
  • Incubus (medium)
  • Lemure (medium)
  • Marilith (large)
  • Nalfeshnee (large)
  • Night Hag (medium)
  • Nightmare (large)
  • Pit Fiend (large)
  • Quasit (tiny)
  • Rakshasa (medium)
  • Succubus (medium)
  • Vrock (large)


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