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Elf Sorcerers, Half-Orc Barbarians and a Halfling Druid – VTT Tokens

Elf Sorcerers, Half-Orc Barbarians and a Halfling Druid – VTT Tokens

Howdy Adventurers!

The token pack from THIS ORIGINAL PATREON POST is jammed full of Heroes! 

Download the five free tokens with the zip link at the bottom of THE ORIGINAL post.

If you’re just browsing, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. You can still download the 5 tokens shown in the graphic above for free!

If you’re a Villager Patron, you get 15 of these excellent hero token. Click here to download!

For our Shop Keeper Patrons, we have a special treat!

That’s right! 45 various tokens with different weapons, armor, spells and color schemes. The druid even has a bird and shillelagh!Click here to download your pack now!

ALSO, as a Shop Keeper Patron of Splattered Ink you get a coupon for 3 tokens from the-token-vault.com! This coupon will be good for any 3 of my tokens on the whole site! I hope you enjoy the customization. See the example below. Check your messages for this month’s coupon code.

As always,

Thank you so much for your support – DTJ

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