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Is this the end of the Alwaysgreen Forest?

There's trouble in the forest

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Things are starting to die without explanation. Crops of new trees and fruit fail to mature. Many around Dobberton haven’t noticed, but those near Oak Den are concerned. Their precious pumpkin fest has been canceled. The wagons that are usually overflowing this time of year with bright orange pumpkins are empty. The are no pumpkins for baking, painting or throwing. All the crops have been lost. Local farmers are worried and the townsfolk are heart broken. For many in Oak Den, this is their favorite time of year.

Seeds of Decay is an adventure path that will lead characters from Level 1 to 8 through the lush Alwaysgreen Forest. Each quest is fully illustrated with unique maps, NPCs, monsters and more. Ample adventure hooks and side quests give players the freedom to explore the world or follow the main quest.
You’ll also get the Twisted Forest Bestiary with over 60 unique monsters that will tangle up every encounter!
A Hero’s Guide to Dobberton will give your players new races, classes and subclasses!

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