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Vine Dragon – FREE 5e monster for you!

Vine Dragon – FREE 5e monster for you!

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Have you ever felt like the forest is alive? Is the path before you is more difficult than it should be? Are the vine and limbs are reaching for you, snagging on your clothing and gear even when you were sure it was clear? The trees themselves seem to press in on you, steering you away from your goal. Thorns block your path no matter how much you cut away.

You may be too close to the lair of a Vine Dragon. This time you were lucky, it using its sway over the forest to keep you away instead of the far nastier fate that befall many who wander too close.

Vines, trees, thorns and all manner of plant life are an extension of the Vine Dragon’s powers. Even its senses are tied to the plants of the forest. No creature can escape this chaotic beast once it has a target.

The free PDF of the Adult Vine Dragon can be downloaded>here< or all the way at the bottom of the Patreon post.

Shop Keeper Patrons get the full Vine Dragon package, which includes:

  • A pdf with stats for the Wyrmling, Young, Adult and Ancient creature
  • Both a high rest PNG and JPG of the Dragon
  • Both portrait and top-down tokens for VTT play

Click here for the Full stat and Image Package  

Villager Patrons can download the complete stat PDF here. 

Yes folks, the Vine Dragon is finally here. I put more time into this than maybe I needed to, but it was important to me that the creature felt unique, yet still a bit familiar. I believe this is the type of creature that you can base an entire campaign off of, not just an encounter or two.

I look forward to hearing how you use the Vine Dragon. Share in the comments!

Thanks for your support! 

Darryl T. Jones

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