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Tomb of the Viper Prince | 7th-Level Fifth Edition Adventure

Tomb of the Viper Prince | 7th-Level Fifth Edition Adventure

In THIS ORIGINAL PATREON POST, I’m pleased to be able to share an adventure written by my friend TJ over at The DMToolChest. I provided some tokens for this desert themed adventure and an original audio track was provided by McRo Music!

Tomb of the Viper Prince

A deadly tomb full of secrets and treasure has been uncovered in the desert sands

Tomb of the Viper Prince is a Fifth Edition adventure intended for three to five characters of 6th to 8th level and is optimized for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 7. Characters who complete this adventure should earn enough experience to reach one-third of the way to 8th level. The tomb of an ancient and powerful prince has been uncovered, and a powerful artifact lies hidden within. This adventure takes place in the Freelands campaign setting but fits into any existing campaign with a desert in which a hidden tomb can be placed with only a few modifications.


The Viper Prince Ur Atum was once a beloved ruler over a small kingdom in the Mohur Desert. Using a magical crown with the power to conjure and control giant snakes, the Prince protected his kingdom from those who sought the fertile land for themselves. Before his death of old age, the childless Prince built a hidden tomb filled with traps and undead guardians to keep the crown from falling into the wrong hands. Without the protection of the crown’s power, the kingdom, the kingdom eventually fell to invaders, and the Viper Prince’s name was lost to the annals of history, his tomb never found.

Adventure Summary

Nil the Blade is the leader of The Bronze Dragonflies, a band of cutthroats and mercenaries that roam the desert preying upon travelers and merchants. They stumbled across an ancient journal among the spoils of their most recent victim that lead them to the hidden tomb of the Viper Prince in the Decayed Canyons, deep within the Muhar Desert. The journal—written by a worker who helped build the complex—hints at a powerful treasure secreted within the tomb, and the Dragonflies rushed to its location. However, they found it full of traps and monsters too strong for them to handle. They decided to hire a group of specialists to plunder the tombs’ treasures for them instead.

Under the guise of a priest of Sylvanis, goddess of life, Nil hires the characters to enter the tomb to cleanse it of the evil entities that dwell within. The bandit leads them to the hidden tomb, where they must fight their way past the creatures, puzzles, and traps until they reach the secret chamber buried inside. After confronting the spirit of the Viper Prince, the characters find themselves confronted outside the tomb by the Bronze Dragonflies seeking to strip them of the treasures they plundered.

Two New Magic ItemsCrown of Serpents, Snaketongue Spear

One New Monster – Ur Atum, the Viper Prince

Map Created by TheDMToolChest – This adventure comes with a gridded 70dpi jpg map that you can download below!

Dungeon Master Tier can get the hi-res maps by clicking here.

This adventure was written by TheDMToolChest. I’m a patron of his and I encourage you to check out his work. 

Patrons of TheDMToolChest receive between 4-5 handcrafted adventures, monthly, depending on the tier you choose. These will be packed full of new monsters, NPCs, Spells, and Magic Items. Every adventure will include a fully custom artistic map; no more line drawings and black and white sketches! The higher tiers will also give you access to the high-resolution VTT file and PNGs for uploading to your favorite Virtual Tabletop Software like Roll20 or Foundry.

McRoMusic has been playing and composing music for nearly 20 years and is an avid tabletop RPG fan. Now he’s married the two, and is creating high-quality music for players and GMs to enjoy at their table! McRoMusic can be found on Spotify (and anywhere else that you stream your music), and also has a Bandcamp store and Patreon if you would like to support him directly.”

This epic desert adventure deserved some epic music to get the blood pumping and your characters ready for adventure! Sean at McRo Music came up with a suspenseful ambient theme for us to give to all of you! He also created a piano and looping version available over at his Patreon, so check that out now!

You can check out his work over at Bandcamp and Spotify as well!

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