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The Rock Mole – a 5e Creature that can claw your face off!

The Rock Mole – a 5e Creature that can claw your face off!

UPDATE 10/23/2020: I’ve revised the stat blocks for both Rock Mole creatures. I believe this new set is more balanced and has a more accurate CR. Additionally, I’ve added tokens compatible with Roll20 or your favorite VTT platform for each! Enjoy!

Hello Patrons and Friends!

The Rock Mole is a great warm up creature for any session. While your party is exploring caves or dungeons, the Rock Mole might burrow their way into any encounter.  While most parties of 3rd level or higher can handle a few of these, a bad roll here or there and someone loose their armor!

Rock Moles are reclusive creatures known to live in tunnels and burrows under the Dreary Mountains. The stone-like scales on their backs are almost indestructible. Their oversized claws cut through dirt, wood and rock with ease. Though they are generally not aggressive, they will fight to protect their nest and young. 

Patrons will receive:

  • Rock Mole 5e stat PDF – Both Adult and Juvenile!
  • PNGs with transparent background
  • Roll20 (or other VTT) compatible tokens for each
  • JPEGs with white background
  • Images for both the Adult and Juvenile

Thanks again for your support! 

– Darryl T. Jones

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