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The Castle Breaker – Monster for D&D 5e

The Castle Breaker – Monster for D&D 5e

I’ve updated the stats for the Castle Breaker. It should now be more balanced and have a more accurate CR. I’ve also added VTT tokens you’re sure to want for your online games!

Hello Friends!

My first post to Patreon happens to be one of my favorite monsters. I originally created it for The Dobbers, but he could easily be dropped into any campaign setting!

The Castle Breaker was the last invention of the mad rat wizard, Maegera. It was to be his swan song, a final revenge against the kingdom that banished him. Today it lays dormant in an underground laboratory, unfinished. 

Though its legs were never made operational and it cannot stand, if awoken, it will follow the last order it was given by its master, ā€œDestroy all who enter!ā€

Patrons will receive:

  • Castle Breaker 5e stat PDF
  • PNG with transparent background
  • JPEG with white background
  • Two sizes of a JPEG with dark background
  • Two different style of VTT (Roll20/Fantasy Grounds/Etc) tokens. One in a red rings showing the creature’s face. The second is a top down illustration with png shadow that will blend into any map you put it on, giving the impression it’s just a pile of rubble in the corner. Great for game immersion!

Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey! 

– Darryl T. Jones

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