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The Rat Claw Clan terrorizes Dobberton from their home in the Dreary Mountains.


For generations the Rat Claw Clan have covered the Dreary Mountains like a thick gunge. They’ve raided the goblins of the Gorgwin Mountains taking what they like and killing anyone in their way. Their disregard for life and civilization have cast fear over the dobbers and all people of the Alwaysgreen Forest. 

Their home in the Dreary Mountains is an amalgam of permanent, stone-cut buildings and temporary hide and bone tents. While there are a few, the elderly, the children and some of those in power that stay in the stone buildings at all times, most of the clan is mobile.

Everything they need they can take with them, ready to raid, pillage and plunder at a moment’s notice. All of the neighboring kingdoms know that the full weight of the mighty Rat Claw Clan army can be bearing down on their border before they’ve even had a chance to get out of bed. 

But not all ratkin come from the clan. There are those from the far Southern Swamp and those who wander the Eastern Plains. Unfortunately, all that dobbers know about the Ratkin is what they have learned from the Rat Claw Clan. They are chaotic, violent, and blood thirsty. 

Choosing to play a ratkin will take a great deal of wit and charm as they have no allies in the Alwaysgreen Forest. Most Rats are chaotic. Within their culture they lean toward evil, striving to expand their territory, influence and power. They take what they want, often by force. They have little regard for safety, both for themselves and those around them.

Ability Score Adjustment. +2 to Strength.

Age. Ratkin reach maturity at the age of 16 and can live into their 80s.

Size. Full grown rats are typically taller than Dobbers. They have a lanky, wiry build with arms and legs that seem long for their torso.

Speed. Base speed is 30 feet.

Bonus Attack. As a Bonus Action you can make a bite attack. It is a strength attack. It does 1d4 damage plus your Strength modifier.

Bonus Proficiency, Fierce: Rats may take a bonus Skill Proficiency of Intimidation.