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Queen of the Shadows | New 6th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Queen of the Shadows | New 6th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

I’m pleased to share a fantastic collaboration with you on THE ORIGINAL PATREON POST. The Queen of Shadows was written byDMDavewith maps provided byTom Cartos. They asked me to help with some tokens, but trust me, they did all the heavy lifting. 

You can download the PDF attached below! 

That night in Medrok started like any other night. The air was cool and quiet. What few clouds dotted the night sky did little to block the fat, white moon and twinkling stars above. Children lay in their beds dreaming of heroes slaying dragons while the citizens of Medrok gathered around fires to unwind after a long week’s worth of work.

But then the screaming started. A black mist bled down the streets of Medrok. It seeped around corners. It crept under doors. This mist was hardly some meteorological hazard. Loathsome undead creatures called shadows comprised the mist, all borne from the bodies of the recently deceased. The touch of a shadow drained the vitality from the living. Non-evil creatures who fell victim to their enervating touch rose as shadows within the hour, doomed just like their makers to interminably lust for life force. Only inherently evil creatures were spared their hunger.

A few hours after the mist first appeared, all of Medrok’s citizens lay dead, victims of the shadows’ touch. Then, their shadows darkened and broke free, cursed to join the shadow army’s ranks. Leading this army of the undead was a pale-faced woman whose mind boiled with grisly thoughts of vengeance; her name was Celestina. Of course, the rare few who witnessed her called her something else entirely: Queen of the Shadows.

About This Adventure

Queen of the Shadows is a Fifth Edition adventure for three to five characters of 5th to 7th level and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 6. The adventure works best with a party of evil characters whose unsavory pasts will grant them a distinct advantage over the dangers presented in this adventure. Good characters are possible but might find themselves the target of many of the creatures in this adventure, especially the shadows. This adventure is designed to easily fit into any campaign world of your choice and is very much at home in a dark fantasy campaign setting. See the section “A Dark Fantasy Setting” for details on setting the right tone for this adventure. In the Omeria campaign setting, the locations in this adventure could be set around Steel Church, the Knotside Region, or even around the city-state of Cabal.

Get the VTT-Ready Map Pack

Due to the nature of this collaboration, the Virtual Table-Top file will be available only to the Noble Tier of Patrons. But I assure you, it’s worth it. Tom’s maps are beautiful and this adventure is Amazing! 

You can only get the VTT Map as a Splattered Ink Noble 

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Alternatively, if you prefer to use Foundry VTT, you can get the full Foundry Pack ready to add to your adventures. This is also part of the Electrum+ tier. You can also purchase the Foundry pack directly on DMDave’s site.

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The maps from this adventure module was contributed by Tom Cartos and the most excellent writing is provided by DMD. I am eternally grateful to both of them. They’ve helped me greatly with my art and career. Be sure to check out both of their Patreons for additional map variants, adventures, and more.

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Sincerely, Darryl T. Jones

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