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Seeds of Decay: The Plaguewood Spider


Face moss boars, rot creatures and fungal monstrosities as you fight to protect the Alwaysgreen Forest in this free one-shot adventure for level 5 players! This adventure is a fantastic introduction to the world of Seeds of Decay & the Dobbers.

IMPORTANT: The hardcover book will not be sent out until June 2024. The digital PDF will be available by 12/24/2023.


A crack has formed in the darkness leaking rot and decay.

A mysterious creature terrorizes the farms of Lytewick. It has left only one clue, a young goat has been turned to stone!

Seeds of Decay is a fully developed setting that can be used in any campaign or by itself. With new races, classes, sublcasses & backgrounds as well as detailed maps, unique locations & an extensive appendix of monsters, spells & magic items.

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