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Orc War Band Tokens – lots of variations – includes free sample

Orc War Band Tokens – lots of variations – includes free sample

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Hello Adventurers!
Here we have everyone’s favorite nemesis, Orcs! There are five unique illustrations in this free pack of tokens

  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Shaman
  • Barbarian 
  • and Shield Bearer or Paladin

The free tokens are attached at the bottom of the original Patreon post.

If you interested in more tokens, there are 10 tokens in the Villager pack that includes five that are splattered in blood! And check out the shaman, both lightning and fireball version!

Click here to download the Villager Pack  

The Shop Keeper pack include 34 total orc tokens. This makes an amazing set. Different clans and styles can easily be represented. This set includes:

  • The red banded orcs
  • Blooded orcs
  • Purple banded
  • Yellow banded
  • and several variations of weapons and clothing

Shop Keepers also get a credit for two customizable tokens from this pack from the-token-vault.com! Check your messages for the coupon code!

You can see all the orcs in the image below!

Download the Shop Keeper pack of 34 orcs here!

Thank you all for the amazing support. It’s only going to get better from here!

Darryl T. Jones

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