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Today was really productive. I had some time to go through each card in my game. The goal was to add more “Travel” Action Points to the overall play of the game… “What are action points?” I hear you ask. Action points are the universal unit for measuring your effectiveness in a test in Dobbers: Quest for the Key. There are three types of tests in the game, Locations, Creatures and Travel. There are times you’ll face one of these tests at a time and many times when they stack.

Everything your Hero attempts to do in the game requires action points. Some Action Points can be used for any challenge. I refer to these as Universal Action Points. Some action points can be used only for travel challenges and some combat challenges. As we’ve been play testing the game, it was feeling more and more right, however, there were a few games where one of the heroes would get stuck at a place on the board because they didn’t have enough Travel Action Points, even though they had an abundance of Action Points they could devote to a Challenge. Was this because of a bad draw? That happens some times. Even the most balanced game will have a game where all the wrong cards stick together. Was it because that player built their Hero’s deck in a way that limited their ability to travel? After seeing this happen a few times, I decided it was likely not just bad luck or user error and I added more Travel bonuses to the effect cards. After one play through I’m pretty happy. I will take a few more tests to see how it effects the game. Can’t wait to play!

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