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Moss Boar – 5e monster PDF

Moss Boar – 5e monster PDF

The moss boar dwell in the swamp far South of the Alwaysgreen Forest. Little is known about them in Dobberton. They live solitary lives, mothers pushing juvenile out on their own as soon as they are weened and males only together when fighting over territory.

A perceptive explorer might realize they are on a moss boar’s hunting grounds by the inordinate amount of stony, grey mud covering the leaves, tree trunks and other foliage. They may also find an occasional small animal that has been turned to stone, also covered with mud. The moss boar, uses it’s breath weapon, a mud blast as a way to mark it’s territory and prepare its nest. When in it’s nest, the growth on it’s back make it indistinguishable from the surroundings.

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