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Mohkgaarb – Common and Champion creatures for 5E

Mohkgaarb – Common and Champion creatures for 5E

The mohkgaarb are a primitive race that worships the great Umzolli. They live in packs near water or in caves. They aren’t naturally aggressive, but if their territory is threatened they attack with bows and spears, doing their best to stay out of melee range.

Many mohkgaarb have been enslaved by the legendary Torodon, forced into mining and other manual labor.

Patrons will receive:

  • Common and Champion Mohkgaarb 5e stat PDF
  • PNGs with transparent background
  • Roll20 (or other VTT) compatible tokens.
    – I’ve included all three frame colors, aggressive, neutral and cooperative
  • JPEGs with white background

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The Mohkgaarb are one of my favorite! I usually portray them as a bit silly, even in combat. Just rememeber, they are always trying to honor the great Umzolli!

– Darryl T. Jones

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