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Giant Stag Beetle – 5e monster CR2

Giant Stag Beetle – 5e monster CR2

The giant stag beetle is bigger than most men. Its thick chitinous exoskeleton is almost impossible to penetrate. These giant bugs are scavengers, roaming dry river beds, rocky crevices and refuse areas near towns.

The giant stag beetle is not usually aggressive, but it will fight if it feels threatened. Beware the huge, sharp mandibles, if they get a hold of you, they are strong enough to hold you and to cut you in half.

Be sure to let me know if this guy cuts any of your players in two with those mandibles.

This package includes all the pieces normally included in the patreon only posts.

  • Full color jpg illustration
  • Printable PDF with stats
  • VTT Tokens with red, copper and silver frames

Darryl T.  Jones

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