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Collect delicious forest ingredients with the help of a few magical friends as you prepare the most fantastic table recipes for the legendary Acorn Inn!

“I got to try Alwaysgreen Garden at¬†Geekway to the West¬†this year, and
out of the fifteen new to me games I played, this was by far my favorite.
I’m incredibly excited for the Kickstarter…”
~ Mackenzie Hoffman of Meeple Street

The Acorn Inn’s greatest treasure, the Alwaysgreen Garden has never been open to the public. Your belly flutters with excitement as you approach. You and the other contestants are greeted by four animals. You immediately recognize them as the enchanted gardeners from stories of old. They are:

These four gardeners are eager to work with each chef, helping them collect the ingredients and approving completed recipes of their favorite type.

The Alwaysgreen Garden is a clever mix of worker placement, tableau and resource collection, with a pinch of engine building for spice. The game features a dynamic play area that changes with each player interaction as the wandering gardeners move to different garden tiles. Your goal is to harvest ingredients and work with the gardeners to complete recipes and score the most points!

Four modular garden tiles make up the board. Each garden tile grows different ingredients, Vegetables, Fruit, Fungus and Grains & Nuts. Each turn ingredients grow, dictated by a roll of the garden dice. After all, nature is unpredictable. Players take turns moving their Chef to different garden tiles, harvesting ingredients and interacting with the gardeners. When your chef has a particular need that one of the Gardeners special abilities can assist with, they are eager to help and will move to the garden tile you are on! Once you’ve gathered the necessary ingredients to complete a recipe, you are eager to impress and must deliver it to them, moving your chef to the tile where the matching gardener is. Each turn you move to a gardener or they move to you, you can’t do both.

Players start the game with Recipe cards, Technique cards and a unique Menu card. Additional Recipe cards and Technique cards can be acquired during play. However, your menu card stays with you throughout play, giving you special end-of-game bonus points for making a certain combination of recipes. Technique cards are played on recipes to enhance them and give you bonus points or give you extra actions and abilities on your turn.

As the gardener animals are called to different tiles and different ingredients grow or are harvested, players have unique options every turn! You’ll constantly be guessing where the gardeners will land and hoping there will be enough ingredients available to complete another recipe. Strategy, clever resource and card management and a bit of luck is needed to ensure you maximize each turn!

Finding Ollie, the garden’s head carpenter in his tree house comes as a bit of a surprise! Chefs soon find his tools further expand the actions they can take each turn! Extra moves, more cards and bonus ingredients are a few of the ways his tools help. But be careful to pay attention to which tools are “in” or “out” during your turn, as they are not all available.

To be crowned the Master Chef of Alwaysgreen Garden you’ll need to complete the most delicious recipes, taking care to use desirable gourmet techniques and the forests best ingredients, while managing your forest kitchen efficiently and keeping close tabs on the cute, but ever wandering Gardeners. Game ends after a fourth recipe is complete by a single player, and then after a mad dash for the finish the judges will determine who will be the next…Alwaysgreen Chef!

Concept by Ruthie Jones. Mechanics and art by Darryl T. Jones.