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I realize this isn’t going to be easy. When I set out to turn my “big idea” into a published game I knew there would be a lot to do, but at the beginning it was all future work. My head was full of excitement and visions happy people playing a game that I created. It didn’t feel real yet and therefore I didn’t really hard a good picture of what all that work would be.

The first step was game development. That’s really the easiest part, and probably one of the most fun parts. What are the things you do to play the game. What types of cards are there? Are there figures? Is there a board? What are the rules? Are there dice? How do you win? While the questions go on and on, answering them is fun and there are no wrong answers! It’s like a puzzle that my mind is always working, even when I’m doing something else.
Next I had to put something down on paper. Make something real. I quickly jotted down a hand full of ideas on a couple of dozen index cards, shuffled them and then dealt myself a few. At this point in the development, everything was viable so I didn’t worry to much about balance and mechanics. I just wanted to see if the idea would even work. I figured after a few rounds (even if I was just playing against myself) I would start to see the potential or failure in the concept. I quickly fell in love. I believed I had an idea that was worth developing.

Over the next few months I’ll use this blog to share my experiences and the work I’m doing to make my game. I’ve got so much to learn! I hope you’ll join me on this journey. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


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