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What to Expect from a Dobbers Campaign

What to Expect from a Dobbers Campaign

Seeds of Decay is a whimsical, yet dark adventure with all the nostalgia of Lord of the Rings and the Dark Crystal, while maintaining the modern sensibility of 5th Editions Dungeons & Dragons.

Our story begins in the beautiful Alwaysgreen Forest. The delightfully quirky, ever creative and simple, gnome-like folks, the Dobbers populate their kingdom in relative peace. Most Dobbers spend their time farming, building or crafting, which is likely their primary occupation.

Episode one starts in Oak Den. A large village famous for its hospitality and festivals. You’re here in anticipation of the Pumpkin Harvest Fest. However, there is trouble in the forest. The pumpkins have all come in rotten. Most think there is a natural explanation, but some have seen other things withering prematurely. There are even rumors of whole crops of new trees and fruit that fail to mature. 


As a player, you’ll have 12 unique races to choose from. There are three types of Dobbers, also rat folk, goblins, fennik and mohkgaarb among the humanoids. You can also play a woodkin, one of the awakened forest being that include racoons, squirrels, deerets, otters and even trees!

Immersive Art

Each quest includes unique maps, NPCs, monsters and more. In addition to being a lifelong DM, I’ve been an artist in the industry for 20 years. Each monster, map, token and character are my own creation.

Your DM’s Experience

We’ll be using Roll20 for virtual maps with dynamic lighting and top down tokens for monsters and players. I’ve been running games in Roll20 for four years now and while I’m there’s always more to learn, I feel confident I can give you a great experience.

I started running RPGs in the 90’s with AD&D and now continue with 5th Edition. I’ve run 80+ sessions and know the world like the back of my hand. However, I need you if we’re going to save the forest from the rot!

I you want to jump straight to the application, click here: https://forms.gle/TtuFfWnA3b38pKo87