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Deluxe Furniture & Decor for RPG Maps

Deluxe Furniture & Decor for RPG Maps

Hello patrons, 

I have a treat for you, a set of furniture and decor to help you build your 5E, Pathfinder and other fantasy or medieval era RPG maps!

There are 90 total unique images. Each is a png with a transparent background. They are sized to fit on a square grid with each piece’s file name including the grid size. For example, oval-rug-2×1.png. 

Pieces include: 

  • Round tables and stools
  • Long rough tables with benches
  • Fine tables 
  • Several chair variations
  • Work benches
  • Rugs
  • Several styles of boxes and crates
  • Bucket, baskets and bags
  • Place setting and food prep items
  • Letters, envelopes and scrolls
  • Various weapons and tools
  • Two stoves
  • Large and small beds
  • Toilets
  • Large and small wagons
  • Mounted deer head
  • More!

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Download and enjoy. Let me know how you use them!

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