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CR1 SRD Bestiary – 5 FREE Premium Tokens – Part One

CR1 SRD Bestiary – 5 FREE Premium Tokens – Part One

Hello Adventurers!

I’ve decided to release CR1 in two parts. Here is part one! 

There are 17 unique tokens and 63 if you include all the color variants that I created! I couldn’t be more pleased with how these came out.  

Download the 5 free tokens at the bottom of THE ORIGINAL PATREON POST!

The Villager set contains one of each of the hand-drawn tokens shown above. CR bestiary from the 5e SRD. Some include both melee and ranged variants or male and female. 37 in all. Click here to download the zip file.

The Shop Keeper set has 4 or 5 color variations for a total 63 amazing tokens! All of them are shown below.

Shop Keepers click here to download

This set of tokens was created in collaboration with:

Tom Cartos is creating Maps, Assets and more for TTRPGs

Check out Tom Cartos on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tomcartos

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