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Commoners – A Populace Token Pack – 5+ FREE Tokens

Commoners – A Populace Token Pack – 5+ FREE Tokens

Hello Adventurers! Ever notice how everyone in the background has the same item glued to their hands all the time? Ever wonder why everyone always stands on the chairs at the tavern? Do they ever get to take a load off their feet or scoot up to a table? Now these silly details won’t keep your players from experiencing the immersion you all play for.

Here are the commoners. We have drawn multiple items for each commoner and made some seated with the ability to look natural around a table because they have no legs! We have put together a sampling of the many possible variations of items, chairs, and table-ready sitters. You can find these commoners at The Token Vault and make whatever combination and color you choose (Don’t forget that ShopKeepers get to choose a few of my Token Vault tokens for free each month!).

5 free tokens and 2 chairs can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom of THE ORIGINAL PATREON POST. This includes one token of each commoner.

Download the villager-level  satchel of commoner tokens by following this link. You will get enough chairs and patrons for a small café.

A mixed bag of 15 Pieces is ready for my Villager Patrons. The variations for this level include a token for every item each person can hold. You also get 2 chairs, 2 stools, and 1 round table.

The full set of 27 Tokens and 9 Map Assets is reserved for the Shop Keepers. Here we have multiple clothing and color configurations for each commoner/item pairing and plenty of furniture to go with!

Shop Keepers get too much for one download. You get enough commoners and furniture to fill a busy tavern! Follow the links to download.

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