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Dobbers for 5E


Within the kingdom’s capital of Dobberton, the great Blue River flows through and around the Prime Tree. The first tree of the forest provides life to these flowing currents, often with unpredictable results. One quality is known; it gives intelligence and understanding to many forest...


For generations the Rat Claw Clan have covered the Dreary Mountains like a thick gunge. They’ve raided the goblins of the Gorgwin Mountains taking what they like and killing anyone in their way. Their disregard for life and civilization have cast fear over the dobbers...


Further South than any Alwaysgreen Dobber has ever traveled there was a great sea, dotted with islands. This archipelago was home to the Mohkgaarb. They lived in harmony with the land and sea forming a unique peaceful symbiosis. These reptilian creatures aren’t terribly industrious, or...

Seeds of Decay: Save the forest in epic 5E adventure in the dark, whimsical world of the Dobbers!Don't miss the Kickstarter Launch!

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