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Adult Fire Lizard – FREE 5e Monster

Adult Fire Lizard – FREE 5e Monster

Hey 5e family,

I’m so pleased to be able to share the fire lizard with you!

Fire lizards roam the rocky mountains and foothills West of the Alwaysgreen Forest, hunting and scavenging for their next meal. They are solitary creature, pushing their young out of their burrow as soon as they are weaned.

They are very territorial, often killing each other over their hunting grounds, thus their numbers are very few. If two young adults do not fight to the death, the looser may be forced into the fields and forests near by. When this happens their natural body heat can ignite wild fires, spelling disaster for those who call those areas home.

Fire lizards a much more intelligent that the typical reptile. Legend has it there is an ancient fire lizard who can speak common.

Adult Fire Lizard – FREE! 

  • Fire Lizard PDF

$3 tier – Hatchling, Adult and Great Fire Lizard, including the Image Pack!

The image pack includes:

  • 6 different VTT tokens
  • A large, wide format jpg
  • A png with transparent background

Thanks again! – Darryl T. Jones

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