Game Designer, Comic Book Creator, Illustrator

Heya! I’m Darryl T. Jones, a lifelong artist and gamer. I’ve been an artist my whole life. My grandmother once told me that she’s known since I was four that I would become an artist.

I have a degree in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Sequential art is basically comic books. There is a heavy emphasis on Illustration and Graphic design, particularly for the purpose of story-telling. After college, I independently published a comic book, The Dobbers. It was a light-hearted tale of gnome-like, forest creatures who stumble upon a quest involving a great deal of treasure and a magical sword.

After many years, happily working as a designer and illustrator, I found myself wistfully looking back at my comic. I wanted to draw and create in that cute and clever world again. I wanted to tell the story of the Dobbers to more than just my friends and family.

In addition to comics, I grew up with a passion for games, particularly board games and role-playing games, which never died. My wife is a gamer and my kids are gamers. It only seems natural that the Dobbers should come to life as a board game!

In addition to the board game, you can find the Dobbers in a campaign setting and the soon-to-be relaunched comic book. You can find more of my work in other nerdy worlds such as, True Dungeon, Dwarven Forge, Nerd Fitness, Green Couch Games and Bellwether Games.

Make sure you follow me @splatteredink on twitter, instagram and facebook to keep up with all my upcoming projects!