Darryl Jones

Founder, Game Designer, Illustrator

Heya! I’m Darryl Jones, a lifelong gamer and artist. It been my dream to publish a game since my childhood friends and I would get together nightly to play.

In middle school, we gave D&D a try. My mind exploded with the creativity, imagination and possibility. I immediately began to draw the characters and creatures from our games. We progressed to just about every type of game from there! Role playing, board games, even LARPing. Once we’d played everything we could get our hands on, we started combining games and even making up our own games. Everything from Transformers playing Monopoly to troops of Dragons and Elves in Risk. The best thing about all our game creations is that they needed art! I was in 7th heaven, constantly drawing. Thus my love of art, games and imagination began.

Once we got a taste of Magic the Gathering, card games took over. I loved the idea of unique art and characters woven throughout a story that acted as a foundation for a game. Throughout high school all I did was game and draw. About that same time, I discovered comic books. It was then that I knew how I wanted to draw. I loved the bold line-work and contrasting colors. I added comic books to my list of passions.

After high school I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design for Sequential Art (Comic book illustration). After college, I independently published a comic book, The Dobbers. It was a light-hearted tale of gnome-like, forest creatures who stumble upon a quest involving a great deal of treasure and a magical sword.

After many years, happily working as a designer and illustrator, I found myself wistfully looking back at my comic. I wanted to create, draw and create in that cute and clever world again. I wanted to tell the story of the Dobbers to more than just my friends and family.

My passion for games never died. My wife is a gamer and my kids are gamers. It only seems natural that the Dobbers should come to life as a game! That’s it. That is the light-bulb moment that has been fueling my art for the last year! 15 years ago, it wouldn’t have been possible, but now with Kickstarter, I know the timing is right.