5E Creator, Game Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Creative Director

Heya! I’m Darryl T. Jones, a lifelong artist and gamer. I've been involved with RPGs all the way back to 1st Edition. How can I help you bring your game to life?

Passionately Creative

I’ve found that creativity is my greatest strength. I have an uncanny ability to take a small seed of an idea and turn it into a fully functioning theme, concept or world.

Visually Driven

Creativity isn’t only about the ideas and concepts, it’s also about look and style. Each project I work on inspires me to use all of my illustration and graphic design abilities as I bring it to life.

Joyful escape

I am truly blessed to create worlds and experiences that give fans and players an opportunity to escape their day and just enjoy a few hours of imagination. Thank you for supporting my art so that I may continue to fuel imagination.