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1/8th CR Creature Tokens from the 5e SRD

1/8th CR Creature Tokens from the 5e SRD

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I’ve been working on this set for a while and I’m tickled to get to share it with you. I’ve partnered with Tom Cartos to creation the ENTIRE SRD BEASTIARY!

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This is the free sample set of the CR0 creature token pack, made in collaboration with Tom Cartos. You can get 5 more free tokens from the CR1/8 set by heading over toTom Cartos’s Patreon page!

Villager can get the entire CR0 and CR1/8 set, which includes 38 unique monster and creature tokens based on the 5e monsters in the SRD, HERE

Shop Keeper tier patrons and above also get access to the ‘Variant’ set that includes 132 color and costume variants for the tokens HERE

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